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Little Meadows

The Little Meadows program is a developing entity that revolves around clients, the family, the land and of course the cattle. It is carried out with integrity and with a passion that only livestock producers will understand. It is all worthwhile when the results of the genetic progress can be seen in the newborn calves in the paddock and most importantly in the marketplace of their commercial clients.

Our herd

The Little Meadows Angus herd is run on 600 hectares which combines five properties situated 5km to 10km from Dardanup. The cow herd consists of 320 registered females including 100 replacement stud heifers and 18 ET calves. Bulls are backgrounded on lease properties in the Dardanup district. Little Meadows Angus is run by Tony and Karen Golding and the family.


A Brief Rundown of Our Operation

Year Established

HBR Females Mated Annually

Bulls Sold Annually

Hectares of Operation


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Current Operations

Through the extensive use of embryo transfer and the purchase of key cow families the family now mates 300 HBR females each year. Today, Little Meadows Angus sell 100 to 140 bulls and some 40 surplus females annually to new and loyal clients.


Murray Grey Stud 1980 - 2000

In 1980 Tony and Karen Golding established a successful Murray Grey stud that lead to their passion into the Angus world. The Murray Greg Stud was dispersed in 2000.


Merinos & Emus 1987-2000

By 1987 Graham, Jenny, Tony and Karen Golding were running 7500 fine wool Merinos and a crossbred flock in Wilga. 1987 also saw the family farming business expand into the breeding and marketing of Emus. The family attained the first license in the world to process Emus for their meat, oil and leather. Selling on both the export and domestic market they ran the very successful Emu enterprise until 2000.